Star Wars Coaster Set

Keep The Force With You Even When You Drink With Yoga Coasters Star Wars The Last Jedi Drink Coasters!
Ever wanted to add more Star Wars to your daily life? If yes, then we have you covered! These star wars force awakens coasters are the perfect choice for any fan that’s looking for high-quality coasters for drinks to add more class to their décor.

Made With Care. Designed With Love!
As Star Wars fans we wanted to provide everyone with high-quality Star Wars Décor for their drink bar that was both elegant and fun.

Each coaster is made with love using the highest quality natural marble, handcrafted by professionals and printed with Star Wars art making this a cork coaster set a must have for any fan!

The Force Is Strong With This Stone Coaster Set!
If you loved Star Wars The Last Jedi, The Rogue One or even if you’re just a fan of the good old trilogy, you’re guaranteed to love these drink coasters. These make the perfect Star Wars Valentine gift and features 4 uniquely designed marble coasters that look simply stunning.

Features You’ll Love:
✓ Unlike normal coasters, our star wars décor Coasters never stick to the bottom of your glass
✓ Our star wars collection coaster are made to order and ship in only 2 days!
✓ Features durable cork along the bottom to protect furniture and surfaces
✓ Thanks to the high quality the marble coasters can be used with any beverage – hot or cold
✓ Makes the perfect star wars gift for anyone that enjoys star war movies or comics
✓ Special permanent ink technique ensures the artwork won’t fade any time soon

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