Cat on Marble

# of coasters in a set

We all love these small decorative touches here and there around our house – and if the touches also happen to be useful and practical, all the better!

That’s the kind of touch our beautiful handcrafted marble set of coasters is; a practical, yet impressive touch of elegance in your house, brought to you by YogaCoaster!

It's a must for all cat lovers. 

Distinctive, Impressive & Practical

Serve your guests with our handcraft marble coasters that can take any kind of beverage, hot or cold – don’t worry neither the drawing, nor the marble will be damaged. In addition, the cork underneath the coaster protects your furniture as well.

Made by a mix of tumbled marble stones, with vintage drawing depicted on them, each coaster is certainly an item that no guest of yours will forget!

Our premium materials, like tumbled marble stone with custom ink imported from Japan, ensure that your coasters last a lifetime.

They’ll never smudge or wear and can be used with any beverage--hot or cold!

Plus, to protect your furniture and surfaces, each coaster has a layer of durable cork along the bottom.

A must have (gift) for every Yankee fan!

  • (4) 4x4 table coasters
  • Handcrafted and made to order
  • Made from tumbled marble and permanent black ink
  • Limited quantity available
  • Ships in just 2 days!
We stand behind everything we sell, If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase with us, you can return it for a replacement or a refund. 

*note: The photos shown are a sample of your set. Due to the unique nature of the individual stone tiles and our custom technique, your coasters may vary slightly from the images shown.

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