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The Perfect Gift for Any Yoga Lover

It’s always a challenge finding the perfect gift for the one you love… You want something they’ll cherish and actually use. And who wants to buy something that they already own?

That’s how YogaCoaster.com got started. It was my beautiful wife’s birthday… And I wanted to get her the perfect yoga-related gift. Something thoughtful that was a reflection of my love for her…And her love for her yoga practice. She loved them. So much so, that she wanted to give some to her yoga teacher. So I made another set! And soon, everyone was asking to buy them

That was when I decided to share them with the world. Gift them to a friend, a teacher, a loved one… Or gift them to yourself.

They’re the perfect gift for any yoga lover:

Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind yoga coasters. Made with love and light in the USA!