The Best Yoga Gifts For Your Yoga Teacher

November 22, 2016

The Best Yoga Gifts For Your Yoga Teacher

Show your love for your teacher in the physical realm today with these amazing yoga gift ideas!

In the world of yoga, the most memorable gift for a yogi is the shared experience of unity and peaceful practice with our teacher. As the holidays roll in, you may feel as if you can’t give back to them what they give to you. That your spiritual teacher-student relationship can not be surpassed by such physical goods. Guess again! Believe it or not, your teacher appreciates unique yoga gifts just like the rest of us. What enhances your spiritual practice may enhance theirs as well! From a simple coaster to platform their tea to the ancient counting methods of mala beads, the perfect gift for your yoga teacher is awaiting. Now take a deep, cleansing breathe and create awareness around these highly rated gift ideas you can pick up for your yoga teacher in these upcoming holidays.

Yoga Coasters

One of the best gifts to get your yoga teacher this holiday season is a set of our handmade yoga coasters. Why? These carefully crafted coasters are unique in design and serve their purpose all too well. Made from tumbled marble, these drink platforms hold up well against heat and cold alike, making it the perfect addition to any yogi’s living room set. Place these coasts under a hot mug of tea or a delicious glass of wine while reminding yourself of the peace within.

With a multitude of choices, you will be sure to find the best gift set for your yoga teacher. You can opt for a 4 piece set of the popular elephant coasters, or add some variety with the boheme and bhakti sets! Designed with permanent black ink, these intricate works of art are sure to put a smile on your teacher's face as you present them with the yogic gift of the season.

Yummi Yogi 

Give your yoga teacher the gift of sweets  any time of the year with our Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutters. This unique yoga gift was created by Amy Dube, a yogi based out of NJ with a burning passion for asana practice as well as baking! These cookie molds embody the spirit of yoga with their easy-to-recognize poses for all to resonate with. Each set of Yummi Yogi cookie cutters comes with:

  • 1 Crescent Lunge Pose (Anjaneyasana)
  • 1 Downward – Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
  • 1 Tree Pose (Vrksasana)
  • 1 Warrior 2 Pose (Virabhadrasana II)
  • 1 Warrior 3 Pose (Virabhadrasana III)

Simply pick up the set from our store and gift them over to your teacher! Feeling inspired? Keep the cookie cutters for yourself and bake for your teacher instead! We invite you to explore your creative side by designing intricate, colorful patterns on your cookies, or even make little people! Regardless, have fun with these little yoga cookies and give your teacher a top notch yoga gift today.


Mala Beads 

If you want to get your teacher a yogic gift they can incorporate into their everyday practice, look into picking up a pair of mala beads. Mala beads have been used in the traditional practices of Buddhism and Hinduism to enhance the yogi’s concentration when reciting mantras, performing prayer or sitting down to meditate.

Traditionally, these prayer beads are made from the sacred seeds of rudraksha and consist of 108 beads with tassel. Among these 108 beads lies the guru bead, a bead that represents your connection to your guru. The tassel represents prana, enlightenment and the connection that lies between us and the Divine.

When using mala, you start by draping the beads over your middle and index fingers, allowing your thumb to secure the first bead in place. As you recite your mantra, you simply use the thumb to count each prayer bead until reaching the guru bead. This is your marker, letting you know you have completed one cycle of prayer.

Why do they make one of the best yoga gifts for the holidays? They are minimal, meaningful and can be a reminder of awareness and peace for your teacher as they go about their day. In the market today you can find many variations of prayer beads.

Spice up this great yoga gift by purchasing a set made of sandalwood, or a specific gemstone with healing properties. Whichever you choose, your teacher will surely love their new prayer beads as this yogic gift represents relaxation, divine connection and peace wherever you bring it.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are always a good option when contemplating the best gift for a yogi. Small and compact, essential oils can be taken anywhere, providing your yoga teacher with powerful therapeutic effects when needed.

Give the yogic gift of relaxation with the essential oils of lavender, rose or chamomile. If your yoga teacher is feeling stressed (who knew, they stress too!?), they can simply open the bottle and give a big ol’ whiff and immediately start to feel the calming effects.

These oils can be added to showers, baths, diffusers or cloths! If the idea of carrying a glass bottle is not appealing, a few drops on a cloth will hold the scent with your teacher throughout the day.

Want to really go all out with your yoga presents this year? Create a themed essential oil gift basket for your yoga teacher! Pick up a couple of different scents that complement each other, a cloth and maybe a bottle of wine for the ULTIMATE relaxation gift pack. Have fun with it. Your teacher will enjoy the basket just as much as you enjoyed making it.


Everyone loves a good candle, especially when that candle can induce a peaceful aroma throughout the room. Not only do these great yogic gifts smell good, they set the mood for sitting down to meditate at anytime of the day.

Religious and spiritual goers have used this method for years to create a peaceful environment during gatherings and ceremonies. Have you felt the peace while gazing at the soft illumination of a candle?

If the candle is your go to for your yoga gift this year, check out soy or beeswax based candles. Conventional candles have been known to emit toxic chemicals during their lighting that are linked to aggravated allergies as well as cancer.

Can’t stop thinking about that gift basket? Throw a lavender scented candle in there with your goodies and bring some added peace to your yoga teacher's life. 

The Best Gift of All

Although the true gifts of yoga lie in the unspoken connection between you and your teacher, you can always say thank you with one of these yogic gifts of the physical realm today! For the perfect gift, pick up a set of our one-of-a-kind Boheme Coasters and bring joy to your yoga teacher's heart, and tea cup, these upcoming holidays.

YogaCoaster Boheme Coaster Gift Set

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