Best Yoga Gifts: The Bhakti Black Coaster Set

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Best Yoga Gifts: The Bhakti Black Coaster Set

Offer the best yoga gift to your loved ones this season with the YogaCoaster Bhakti Black Coaster Set.

After being on the lookout for the best yoga gifts these upcoming holidays, the YogaCoaster sets kept my spark alive and balance aligned. Discovering the Bhakti black coaster set solved a problem I didn’t know I had. Before these handcrafted coasters, my side table drawer was filled with traditional cork or brewery coasters I had picked up over the years. The coasters that left you thinking, “do you think that hot mug will actually ruin my wooden table?”. Thanks to these beautiful, tumbled marble coaster sets, I want to lay them out on the table when the girls are over drinking wine.

Bhakti Coaster Set from YogaCoaster: The Yoga Gift Shop

Everyday Uses for the Coaster Set

The YogaCoaster Bhakti Black set can be used for a multitude of beverage holding reasons. Bring these beautiful coasters out when you have friends over for wine and Netflix. Or tea after yoga class! Either way, these coasters protect wood and glass furniture from water stains and rings. They make the best yoga gift for any yoga loving friend!

If you are having guests over, they’ll be happy to see that you have coasters around so they can put their drinks down. Some people feel rude just setting a glass down on your table. What’ll make them happier? Talking about yoga, of course! The Bhakti Black set is a good conversation starter between old friends and new. Who doesn’t want discuss the benefits of Downward dog while you are hanging out?

Minimalist Decor

The tumbled stone and Japanese black ink allow the coasters to complement any setting. Place a set in the living room, the kitchen, or in your personal yoga room. Regardless, the coasters don’t serve solely as decorations, but as reminders to get on your mat! When I wake and go to the kitchen to make coffee, first thing I see is my Bow Pose coaster next to the coffee maker. Even on the days I feel lethargic, I know a cup of coffee and a simple reminder will be motivation to get to class (on time).

YogaCoaster: The Yoga Gift Shop Bhakti Coaster Set for Your Yoga Friends

I’ve found the coasters make an excellent addition to any space. My yoga teacher has a set, my co-workers, friends. The best yoga gift for anyone! They were a hit at my job because, honestly, who has seen such a simply elegant design on a coaster before. Each coaster delivers a different message. Today I will be more balanced (Tree Pose), today I will ignite positive energy throughout my day (Wheel Pose), today… I am at peace (Downward Dog). These stories can be shared with others through a simple coaster, regardless of the setting.

“These are such a great addition to my studio. I have them for students and their water bottles. They love them! Thank you for the great response and quick delivery.”

Yoga Gift Collectors Item!

They are collectibles, a gift not only for yourself but for your friends and family as well. Did you know there is a subset of collectors called tegestologists? What do tegestologists do? They collect coasters. Be the first to start your collection with these unique coasters! If not for yourself, create the best yoga gift for your friend this season!

Don’t want to be reminded to go to class? We get it, which is why we designed the Boheme Set as well. Crafted from the same stone and ink, the Boheme Set features the 4 intricate designs of: hamsa, elephant, lunar dream and mandala. Perfect for the yogi who wants to stay in on a cold winter day and not think about the asana practice she’s missing out on.

Bhakti Black Set Poses Explained

1. Standing Tree Pose (Vrksasana)
Tree Pose, or Vrksasana, is one of those asanas that looks easier than it is. This pose has subtle effects on the body, such as: strengthening the tendons and ligaments of the feet, the legs as well as the hips. Those who actively practice tree pose experience self-confidence and esteem as they quiet the mind and focus on the toughest aspect of asana practice, balance. One of my yoga teachers once said: “When your mind becomes stable, your balance will become stable as well.”

2. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)
Most of us are stuck sitting at a desk, in a car or on a train all day. Dhanurasana is one of the best chest/hip openers to reverse the effects of sitting. Utilize Bow Pose to release shoulder tension, strengthen back muscles and give your organs a light massage. Your body will be thankful for it!

3. Wheel Pose (Chakrasana)
My personal favorite, Chakrasana has endless benefits when practiced regularly. From thyroid stimulation to intense heart opening, chakrasana offers yogis the chance to experience harmony like no other poses. Use Wheel Pose to ignite all 7 chakras, balancing out the subtle energy body we forget to pay attention to throughout the day. Be careful not to practice this pose at night because you may experience trouble getting to sleep!

4. Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
Adho Mukha Svanasana has become the most popular asana in practices across the globe. Used as a resting position for certain classes, Downward Dog relieves mental tension as well as stretches the shoulders, hamstrings and calves. Added benefit, Increasing blood flow to your face improves skin health and leaves you glowing all day after class!

YogaCoaster Bhakti Set in Black for Your Yoga Lifestyle

A Friendly Yogi once said:
“I received a set and the pictures are beautiful! The coasters are marble and have a nice weight but also have a protective cork on the bottom to keep any surface it is on safe. They're really gorgeous and I can even see them hanging as art or on little stands for a table top. I received a set in exchange for an honest review and I would love to purchase more to add to my collection!”


You can order your YogaCoaster set at, or on Amazon Prime

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